The Serbian Diaspora (Serbian population living outside Serbia) and Serbia as a Nation, monitors events in Kosovo and Metohija with particular concern. Kosovo and Metohija is the spiritual and historic soul of the Serbia and, in accordance with the Constitution, is defined as an inalienable constituent part of the Republic of Serbia.The functioning and status of Kosovo and Metohija within the Republic of Serbia is jeopardized by the operation of separatist, criminal and international structures, which by their actions violate the sovereignty, territorial integrity and constitutional order of the Republic of Serbia.Recognizing the unequivocal will and desire of the Serbian Nation, we condemn all destabilizing factors and demand from the Government of the Republic of Serbia, to take the necessary measures to defend the legitimate interests of the Republic of Serbia and the people of Kosovo and Metohija, as an integral part of the Republic of Serbia, under the temporary management of external factors, to protect, secure and provide conditions for revitalization of the expelled and refugees.

As our contribution to the internal dialogue on Kosovo and Metohija as subject, initiated by President of the Republic of Serbia ,We, the representatives of the Serbian Diaspora from all continents and patriots from Serbia, gathered in the “Movement of Patriots from Serbia and the Diaspora – ROD “, pronounce:


  1. We, the representatives of the Serbian Diaspora, who are united in the Movement of Patriots from Serbia and the Diaspora “ROD” in accordance with international law and the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, do not recognize and will never recognize the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo. The solution to the problem of Kosovo and Metohija is envisaged in the cessation of its occupation by international forces and the return of that territory to the constitutional and legal frameworks of the Republic of Serbia. Kosovo and Metohija should be an autonomous province within Serbia where the Albanian national minority will enjoy all rights in accordance with the highest European standards.
  2. The movement of “Patriots from Serbia and the Diaspora – ROD”, on behalf of the Serbian Diaspora gathered in “ROD”, absolutely CONDEMN any official or functionary of the Republic of Serbia (including the president, prime minister and all ministers) who might sign, on behalf of the Serbian people, any “legally binding agreement” that would allow the self-proclaimed State of Kosovo to become a member of, or have observer status in, the United Nations, or any other institution. Any formal or informal recognition the self-styled state of Kosovo or the granting of legitimacy to its illegal institutions will be considered the act of betrayal of Republic of Serbia and we will insist on the prosecution of all responsible factors.
  3. We demand from President of the Republic of Serbia to withdraw from the so-called “Brussels Negotiations” with the representatives of the separatist authorities in Pristina and to seek resolution on this issue within the UN Security Council. If this is not possible, we request the involvement of the Russian Federation in the negotiations.
  4. We ask the Constitutional Court of Serbia to assess the constitutional validity of the “Brussels Agreement” already signed, as a matter of urgency. We appeal to the Serbian government not to exert political pressure on the court and to provide the conditions for smooth and independent work of the judiciary and the Constitutional court officials
  5. We demand from the Government of Republic of Serbia to deny hospitality to the EULEX mission because it has violated the assumption of status neutrality all the time since its inception in 2008 and worked wholeheartedly to complete the Albanian statehood in Kosovo and Metohija. Up to the moment of the return of Kosovo and Metohija under the control of Serbia, we demand the transfer of all powers to the UNMIK mission that must remain under the direct leadership of the United Nations.
  6. We demand justice and the continuation of the prosecution of all NATO member officials responsible, as well as all separatists and rebellions from Kosovo and Metohija, for the 1999 bombing. Furthermore we demand from those competent authorities within the Serbian government to continue this process before international courts in order to collect war damages from all countries that participated in the illegal bombing and destruction of infrastructure, facilities and loss of human lives.
  7. We demand from Serbian representatives in Kosovo and Metohija’s so-called government to boycott the work of illegal Kosovo institutions and, in particular, the delegates of the Serbian List to abandon the so-called “The Government of Kosovo” and deny any kind of support to the convicted war criminal and so-called Prime Minister of Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj.
  8. We demand that the Government of the Republic of Serbia take all necessary measures for the full implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1244, especially in terms of the physical return of Serbian expelled civilians and military personnel within Kosovo and Metohija.
  9. The “Patriots from Serbia and Diaspora Movement – ROD” demands protection of all guaranteed rights to Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija. The right to return and all rights to revoke any lost properties previously owned.
  10. We demand from the Government of the Republic of Serbia to continue to clarify the fate of the missing persons and provide legal protection to all Serbs against whom judicial proceedings are being held by the illegal institutions of Kosovo.
  11. The “MOVEMENT OF PATRIOTS FROM SERBIA AND DIASPORA – ROD” gives full support to the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija and are committed to working together to protect their interests in Kosovo and Metohija.

Representatives of Serbian Diaspora from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Slovenia, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Argentina, Australia, America, Canada and South Africa.

At the Mileševo Monastery, April 10, 2018 ____________________

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